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Product That Works……………..

Hey Guys and Gals,

Before our last trip to Mozambique, I selected some product to test in an area where I would see the best results. Now I knew that this time of the year would be a bit tricky as winter has come early this year and we have settled into the colder months. Although with a decent weather forecast I was totally confident we would find a good result.

So it’s all about fishing, fishing and fishing. Rock and surf, Drop-shot and some off-shore jigging and popping.
Now the product I was most excited about was the new Iron Candy product from Basil Manning Fishing Equipment.
It’s an Iron spoon like artificial, painted with bright colours and good weight with fantastic shape.
So in essence you can throw even the smallest lure a long way.
The first day, off the sand-spit at Linene walking the beach throwing spoon and catching a bunch of Green Spot Kingies, Wolf Herring and the odd small GT.
I got to a point on the beach the where a sand bar ran along the back with two deep channels on either side so the formation was perfect. Lots of oxygen on a beach that was flat on either side. So on this little sand bar I was sure there would be a fish or two hunting.
As I was standing re-tying my knot for my spoon, I notice a shoal of Kingies on the back of the sand bar that really made the whole area behind the bank go SILVER!!..Now the sand bar was a fair distance out. So little stressed because I only had a smaller spoon on I didn’t think I would get the distance, BUT and lucky enough I had the Iron Candy product on and with 10lbs Fireline and a Berkley Air I cleared the bank and on the third wind I went tight. And this fish took off at a pace, screaming down the beach I could only smile.
After 15 mins this fish had fought like a true champion in the surf. The GT which measured 78cm +-10kgs on light tackle was brilliant. Just great fishing, in true Mozambican style.

Ok ok enough of the fishing stories, I’ve attached photos of the product I used and tested with awesome results.

Have a look, if you need any details for purchasing mail me or go to the Basil Manning website: